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Diary of a Carer: Leadership

Mar 26, 2024 | Thoughts | 0 comments

Imagine a busy day in a care facility where there’s a sudden shortage of staff due to unforeseen circumstances. Despite the challenge, the residents still require the same level of care and attention. In this situation, leadership among the carers becomes incredibly relevant.

One caregiver, Sarah, notices the increased workload and the potential impact on the quality of care. Instead of waiting for instructions or becoming overwhelmed, Sarah takes the initiative to rally her colleagues. She gathers them together and calmly discusses the situation, emphasising the importance of teamwork and maintaining standards of care.


Sarah suggests dividing tasks efficiently, prioritising urgent needs, and supporting each other throughout the day. She leads by example, demonstrating a positive attitude and willingness to pitch in wherever needed.

Throughout the shift, Sarah continually communicates with her team, offering encouragement, guidance, and assistance as required. Her proactive approach helps to alleviate stress and ensures that all residents receive the care they deserve, despite the staffing challenges.

Sarah’s leadership qualities shine through as she effectively coordinates the care home. Her actions demonstrate how leadership in care is about taking ownership, inspiring others, and ensuring the well-being of vulnerable people in the facility.


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